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And yet, though one might point at the earth and miss it, though one might bind up the sky, though the tides might cease to ebb and flow and the sun rise in the west, it could never come about that the prayers of the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra would go unanswered. If the bodhisattvas, the human and heavenly beings, the eight kinds of nonhuman beings, the two sages,30 the two heavenly deities,31 and the ten demon daughters would by some unlikely chance fail to appear and protect the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, then above them they would be showing disdain for Shakyamuni and the other Buddhas, and below they would be guilty of deceiving the beings of the nine realms.32

It makes no difference if the practitioner himself is lacking in worth, defective in wisdom, impure in his person, and lacking in virtue derived from observing the precepts. So long as he chants Nam-myoho-renge-kyo, they will invariably protect him. One does not throw away gold because the bag that holds it is dirty; one does not ignore the sandalwood trees because of the foul odor of the eranda trees around them; and one does not refuse to gather lotuses because the pond in the valley where they grow is not clean. If they ignore the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, they will be going against their vow.

Prayers of the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra will definitely be answered – this is the theme of On Prayer, a letter infused with Nichiren Daishonin’s absolute conviction.

“Though one might point at the earth and miss it”, “though one might bind up the sky” – these are impossible feats that defies reason and logic. However, the Daishonin said that even if such impossible phenomena were to occur, there are no way that the prayers of the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra would go unanswered. This letter is infused with such absolute conviction of Nichiren Daishonin.

The Mystic Law is the fundamental Law of the universe that permeates all life and the universe and the Lotus Sutra is the very crystallization of the Buddha’s vow to propagate the teachings of this Mystic Law and lead all living beings to Buddhahood.

When one practises the teachings of the Lotus Sutra through one’s words, thoughts and deeds as a practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, the living beings of the Ten Worlds in the entire universe will be activated to help realize the prayers offered by the practitioner of the Lotus Sutra.

Therefore, in order to have one’s prayers answered, what is most crucial is to offer “prayers of a practitioner of the Lotus Sutra” through and through. One must breakthrough the confines of one’s “small self” and offer thorough prayers based on the great vow to realize kosen-rufu till the end.

The important point to note when doing so is to earnestly offer prayers that permeate our actions, words and thoughts.

“Action” refers tp physical action. Merely making a wish in one’s heart (thoughts) is not sufficient. One must take courageous actions in reality towards realizing one’s prayers.

“Words” refer to verbal action and specifically refers to the chanting of sonorous daimoku to the Gohonzon. The key point here is to pray till one’s prayers are answered with an indomitable, dauntless spirit, without giving up.

“Thoughts” refers to one’s mental action. It refers to one’s single-minded determination based on strong faith.

Set a clear and concrete goal and summon forth the power of conviction and hope with the belief that “I’m going to have my prayers answered without fail!”

SGI President Ikeda said in his guidance, “The Mystic Law is the fundamental law or principle of the universe. The prayers of those who chant, practice and champion this incomparably profound Mystic Law are directly in tune with the fundamental rhythm of the universe.

As such, their prayers will definitely be answered. And they themselves will be safeguarded and protected without fail by the heavenly deities and all Buddhas and bodhisattvas throughout the universe.

Prayer for the sake of kosen-rufu is crucial. What I mean here is prayer infused with a vow to support and protect the Soka Gakkai – the organization actualizing kosen-rufu – and contribute to its vibrant success and development; prayer based on the winning spirit of Buddhism, so that we can show actual proof of the greatness of the Mystic Law in our own lives.”

Adapted from the July 2010 issue of The Daibyakurenge, the Soka Gakkai’s monthly study journal.